Weird Instagram Beauty Trend: Women With Hairy Legs


Instagram is a famous for various awkward beauty movements and trends. Featured below is a gallery of Instagram users who are really, really, proud of their hairy legs. Enjoy!


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  1. Which one is Dat’s mom?

  2. Sexy! So happy that body hair on women is coming back

  3. The Lone Wonderer August 13, 2018

    I’m fine with this as long as it’s clean. Same with pubes, I always hated a non-hair set en genitals, but clean the frag up! Trimming is fine, but the whole ‘naked slug’ or ‘I wanna have my pu**y look like an underaged teen’ routine I never understood.

    • Perverted Americans love it shaved. It has this underage touch their puritan minds get off on. Degenerated fetishes for a degenerated society. If you like it bald you are already half a pedophile. They bomb muslim countries for child marriage but in secret it is one of their dreams. If they can’t have it no one shall have it.

  4. JanVanTonder August 13, 2018

    Some things should not be…

  5. You guys must have missed the memo about how it’s the 21st century now and that women have the freedom to do whatever they choose with their bodies, including making choices that have absolutely nothing to do with how attractive random men on the internet think they are. In fact, nothing to do with WHAT ANY MAN THINKS. EVER.

    • Why do you hate men? Why do you sound so aggresive? Why do you assume the negative comments are from men? Did you just assume all posters gender?

  6. Forever Alone (female version)

  7. If the AllMighty had intended women to have harry legs, razors would never have been invented.

    • Did you know that less than 60 years ago only prostitutes shaved?

    • To Anon: I’m 77 yoa and my mother and grandmother both shaved their legs. Stay anon because you don’t want to embarrass yourself with your lack of knowledge using your real name.

    • BTW Anon, neither of these women were prostitutes. Fine Christian women, they were.

  8. There goes my boner…

  9. They’re still all out of my league anyway.

  10. Mr. Truffles August 14, 2018

    Kill it with fire.

  11. Welcome to Lonelyville. Population: You.

  12. Oh wow. I am a woman and I prefer my legs shaved. I like the way they feel when they are smooth, it feels more sensual. Also shaving kinda exfoliated your legs and keeps the skin from getting all scaly. And alas….I find these women very startling to look at. The conditioning runs deep…I just don’t think I go go there. Food for thought though.

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