If World Leaders Had Totally Different Haircuts



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  1. Sevensistersofmine May 16, 2018

    If Trump were bald he wouldn’t look like such a ****.

  2. I recognize everyone of them, except the dude sporting the sweet pompadour. And Dubya looks good in the Rob Ross afro.

    • Silvio Berlusci, former italian president and inmate.

    • Damn keypad… B e r l u s c o n i. Here you are.

    • former and hopefully future inmate.

    • I believe that would be Phil Spector hair, not Bob Ross. Same style though. Wildly different people.

  3. Iron Hippo May 16, 2018

    Bald Trump could be believable…

  4. Hillary is Cassandra Nova…

  5. Spin it baby May 17, 2018

    Kim Jung Un isn’t a world leader.

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