If Guns Kill People…

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  1. Role model Germany:
    – selling a lot of weapons
    – not going to war

    Oh, you mean sending NO people at all…just shipping all the arms to some remote country backlands and have them rot there. Brilliant.

  2. It’s usually the bullet that does the killing part.

  3. That particular gun will never kill anyone.

  4. How about just sending people and no guns??

    No that wouldn’t kill many folks at all.

  5. Someone has to test our inventions.

  6. We had that. Called prehistoric times. Then someone picked up a stone…

  7. They already do that … ever heard of UAV ?

  8. This is an anti-gun meme, right? Because the logic in it is so childish and stupid, one would have to be a moron to take it seriously.

  9. This post sucks

  10. You said that right

  11. LAME!

  12. Where is rattus?
    Haven’t see her comments in a while

  13. I’m here

  14. You should be ashamed of using his name to say that.
    The bullet never actually touches anyone. It’s the expelling proton/proton force that kills.

  15. However, a particle gun will..

  16. according to US federal laws, you should send Kinder Eggs or a beer #****tards-logic

  17. Hey, idiots! The dullard who has now hijacked my placeholder name continues to offer up opinions that are antithetical to my own. Cats have replaced men in my life.

  18. Let’s just agree, that it is neither people, nor guns, bullets or projectiles of kinetic force that kills.

    Weakness of the human being killed is what kills them. It is natural selection.

  19. Actually, I think this is a pro-gun meme. Does what you said about the logic still apply, or has your opinion it it changed since it fits your belief.


  21. If guns don’t kill people, then cruise missiles and nerve gas don’t kill people either. And if you think that, you are stupid.

  22. Another mass shooting in the US. Dang. Get more guns to school. For security.

  23. I just LOVE the “if you don’t think the way that I do then you’re stupid” logic of the left.

    Cruise missiles and nerve gas do not kill anyone until someone uses them. Much like a knife, a truck, a pressure cooker, or a van full of fertilizer and diesel fuel.

  24. You will notice that it was a gun at the school that kept things from getting worse. Or actually you probably didn’t notice, as you didn’t bother to go past the headline.

  25. So, sending guns without people, basically predator drones, which administrations from both sides of the aisle have been doing for last couple decades?

  26. Thanks for proving my point, BigR.

  27. Boyodd: So, knives kill people? Pressure cookers kill people? Automobiles kill people?

    And by the way, if you have to rely on insults, belittlement, and slurs, then your argument has no substance and is, by default, null and void.

  28. Puahahah. “From getting worse”. Fake NRA logic for brainwashed idiots. If there hadn’t been a gun in the first place nothing would have happened at all.
    Idiot americans keep running into trees and blaim the forrest.

  29. Gun ban laws are the best way to prevent law-abiding-murderes to get guns.
    Next step is to create murder ban laws and the problem is solved.
    An unprotected school is a safe school ad long as we post signs stating it’s a gun free zone.

  30. Take a look at Australia’s murder numbers before and after their gun ban. Clear evidence that murder is popular as ever, guns or not. Guns are here to stay. They are not going away, no matter how many laws they pass. They outlawed cocaine, but you can still get it. Same for guns. The outlaws will always have access to them. There must be millions of unregistered guns in the USA. Really think another law will stop some gangster from getting one? Or as many as they please? No, these laws just make it hard for law-abiding people to protect themselves.

  31. Americans make up less than 5% of the world’s population, we account for nearly a third of all mass shootings and own 42% of all guns worldwide. According to the Gun Violence Archive, 15,586 people died as the result of gun violence (including suicides) in 2017, giving us a per capita rate of gun deaths eight times higher than Canada, 32 times higher than Germany, and 55 times higher than the United Kingdom.


  32. If guns are not the issue why U.S. is so worried about North Korean nukes?

  33. Didn’t we actually send weapons all over the world for profit, and to let them protect themselves from other country invasions and then invade them because they had guns? That’s what we do, we all agreed on that: they are defenseless we can’t shoot them, send them some guns and when they pick it up, they are dangerous, send some people with guns to shoot them down while selling them the needed guns for the war. Is it the gun? Is it the money? Is it we’re all just dumb as shit?

  34. Is this site funded by the NRA?

  35. And conversely if guns don’t kill people why do we send them to war with guns ? They should go unarmed.

    It’s amazing what illogical nonsense some put out thinking they’re making some kind of point.

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