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If guns kill people how does anyone get out of a gun show alive?


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  1. Oooooo, THIS will ruffle some feathers!!!!

  2. nursecarmen April 5, 2018

    Look at all of the overweight white men in that picture!

    • BulletsDoNotKillPeople April 6, 2018

      ad hominem fallacy. Found a leftard.

    • Yes, and note that THEY don’t kill people with their guns!

    • You don’t know what happened after that photo. It was a bloodbath. NRA covert it up. Official story is everyone did in a fire and ammo blew up.

  3. If I see my kid hit another kid with a stick, I don’t blame the stick. I discipline my kid. But I still take the stick away.

    • G. Kasparov April 5, 2018


    • Too much reason. NRA followers will kill you soon.

    • 1) Do you also take the sticks from the other kids?
      2) Do you chop down your trees? Otherwise there will be more sticks.

      or do you only take the stick from the kid abusing the stick?

  4. Ooh, it’s time to pretend the liberals are saying “Guns kill people!!” instead of “Let’s have sensible rules for gun ownership.”

    Such a fun and simple game!

  5. I’m a gun owner from a country full of guns (not the US), and every time I watch footage from American gun shows I wonder how many who get killed at the show or just after. I see nothing but total disregard for even the most basic weapon handling and safety rules.

    My father taught me to shoot when I was a kid, and I always treat every gun as it has a live round in the chamber (don’t need a magazine in the gun for that). I also never point the gun at anything I don’t intend to shoot, or any people at all (except during my long military service), and I keep my finger out of the trigger guard until I’m ready to fire. Taught early, those rules are second nature to me, not difficult at all.

    Those rules seem to me to be non-existing at American gun shows, where so many seem to be lacking both knowledge and respect for the guns and what they can do. With that in mind I’m not at all surprised that so many people get shot every year in the US.

    • Bolt is open, chamber’s empty, safety is on, trigger is locked with a wire wrap. Ammo is sold in a different section of show. Buyers need to examine the merchandise with the sellers approval.

  6. If cancer kills people, how can anyone be a cancer survivor?

    • I ain’t kill no people

    • Right. Cancer is caused by an inbalance of energy and fluids in the body. With the right treatment cancer is easy to heal. It is the pharma mafia who kills the people with all their poison.

  7. I am Dat, the Dat man

  8. Gun Owner April 6, 2018

    I’m a retired peace officer in the USA. I own guns and qualify through my former police department so that I can legally carry a pistol if I choose. During my time as an officer (38 years) I never had a need to fire my weapon on duty. In my retirement I have never had a need to carry my weapon because I’m careful about when and where I go. At home my weapons are readily available to me if the need ever comes to my home. All of my weapons are loaded. I keep them loaded so that I and my family know that any weapon in my house is ready and eliminates any question about them being loaded or not. While the weapons are readily available to me, they are not out in the open inviting anyone to pick them up.I have no children in my house and no children come to visit. All of my friends are peace officers or retired peace officers and all understand my weapons are loaded. I hope I never have to fire my weapon in an emergency. It is my opinion that an unloaded weapon is a dangerous weapon. If I ever have to legally surrender my weapons I will do so. There are other forms of weapons I can devise as the occasion calls for from hands/feet, to sticks, clubs, rocks, knives, ect. Killing of one’s fellow human has existed ever since there were humans. It will not stop because there are gun laws or no guns. Look to history on ways and means we have killed each other. I have stood on this soapbox long enough. I invite alternate opinions to the wondering mind of an old man. This may have become a “TL:DR”

    • Problem with you guys is that you have to fear someone could come into your house. It’s not that way in other parts of the world. Your society is sick.

    • I lock my doors. That seems to do the trick.

  9. Richard Rejmer April 6, 2018

    That’s why the Army doesn’t supply their soldiers with guns.
    Guns don’t kill people – people kill people . . . and soldiers are already people..

  10. I didn’t kill that family officer, the alcohol and the car did.

    I didn’t burn that building down officer, the matches and petrol did.

    I didn’t kill that family officer, the gun and the bullets did.

    You just set the chain of events together and your stupid, idiotic country refusing to control them helped.
    Essentially you are a country of mass shootings and until you either control guns or ban them, you have to simply accept that children’s lives are the price you pay for gun ownership.

    Hope it’s worth it.

    • They are nearly the only country with mass shootings. All other countries with that amount of mass shootings are some terrorist shitholes. And there only terrorists do the mass shootings. Not the neighbour kids.

  11. No, Europe doesn’t have mass shootings, just wars that kill millions. Good show. Pip pip, cheerio.

  12. Gun Show Bob April 6, 2018

    I went to a gun show in Dulles Virginia and as I was walking into the show a guy pulled out a sword and said this was the very same sword that killed Mr Universe and he would sell it to me for 20 bucks. I said no way unless it had Chiwetel Ejiofor’s signature. Alas it did not, but it was a cool sword.

    No worries if the guy was a crazy as I had my Glock 21. Thanks for asking.

  13. Using this ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ more consequently, every country in the world should have nuclear weapons. Strange that it is usually the USA who wants to take them away from people they think are no legit owners.

  14. Kinda funny how every other country in the world has mental illness and manchildren who think they’re owed sex and single mothers and every other red herring the NRA throws out, and yet we’re the only country where mass shootings happen on the regular.

    The only difference is that guns are hella easy to get here.

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