Guilty Pugs

14 thoughts on “Guilty Pugs”

  1. Funny pugs

  2. The last one XD

  3. i hate pugs.

  4. love them all!

  5. Animals with little signs. How cute. NOT! Been there, done that. Move on.

  6. To be honest, I’m guilty on most of these crimes as well…

  7. breeding pugs is a crime against dogmanity

  8. Then don’t read em! Nobody wants to read UR negative OPINION!

  9. pathetic

  10. Loved it, very funny. Thanks for sharing. For the frenchie that ate the poo…the pug should have had another sign that said, “I’m a god”.

  11. because i think same way. ppl breed braindead and ugly dog, who is suffering in genetic disformity, and then ppl just adore that – this is just wrong!

  12. Need signs for the owners: “I support the continuation of tortured, unhealthy breeds because their deformities amuse me.”

  13. dogs are gross-cats too really

  14. i want is right except disformity is not a word.

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