Guilty Cats

9 thoughts on “Guilty Cats”

  1. Any cat is by definition a guilty cat. That’s why I love them.

  2. The fast eating problem can be solved by giving large size kibble.

  3. Awwww. Nice sentence ! A little love on this website it feels good.

  4. Their faces all say the same thing: “I regret nothing!”

  5. @Shaka: I hate cats – now feel bad again.

  6. y 2 poop on rug itself

  7. @Shaka: I love cats – now feel good again.

  8. The cat that does diarrhea in the tub should be commended, not shamed. Much easier to clean up than off the carpet.

  9. i hope the person with the pregnant cat is wearing a sign that says: “I was too lazy to get my cat spayed and now there will be more kittens adding to the homeless animal problem”.

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