What We See vs. What Kids See

15 thoughts on “What We See vs. What Kids See”

  1. I’m still a kid at heart. :D

  2. I did not have hallucinations as a kid.. is that normal?

  3. I still see lava everywhere.

  4. That is so funny.

  5. Yes truee

  6. #TRU3

  7. I remembered the last one… I am just 20 now.

  8. gr8 & funny

  9. Imma kid and the only things I see da floor is lava and the doctor thing.

  10. Oh and the bed is a trampoline and the walls are things u draw on

  11. Are you fro’ reaction time

  12. I am a kid this is not true but I don’t mean it in a mad way uh … so yeah don’t be mad at me pleas uh… just wear yuor seat belt and bye please leave a like

  13. U am 11 years old and my name is zoe and this is definitely relatable
    I actually see everything which is in the kids see side.oh and btw daisy is my mom’s name 💕

  14. Haha it’s very funny 👍

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