The Main Benefit of Drinking Green Tea


By replacing your morning coffee with green tea, you can lose up to 87% of what little joy you have left in your life.


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  1. I pity the fool who would rather eat liver than drink tea!

  2. The struggle is real. I had to quit drinking coffee because of my acid reflux. It’s a real bummer.

    Tea is not that bad, but it’s hard to replace something you’ve been used to for 35 years.

    • I never drank coffee. Tried green tea. Got acid reflux.
      That stuff is rotten garbage. Got no problems with other teas.

  3. English breakfast tea is the patrician’s choice, in a mug, with a splash of milk. I’ll mouth rape anyone who disagrees.

  4. Johnny Macaroni September 11, 2022

    Irish Breakfast Tea if you want to level ip.

  5. Mmmmm…I disagree darlin’. 😮

  6. Hot salad water…

  7. The irony is, that plenty types of tea, has quite a lot of caffeine in it…

  8. The irony is, that several types of tea, has quite a lot of caffeine in it …

  9. As I sit here having my morning cuppa of green tea, one must admit
    tea drinkers are a special breed. A Generous and gregarious lot.
    P.S. Never add milk, cream or sweetener to green tea, umkay,

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