Have You Noticed That Trump’s Chin Looks Like a Frog?


…and now you will never be able to unsee it thanks to Texas-based artist Mike Mitchell who started this meme.


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  1. Trump also shares most of his brain with a frog.

    • A frog and Trump share one brain. Now, that explains a lot. Guess the frog uses it most of the time.

  2. That could be done with just about anyone over the age of 50.

    • But Trump is the best 50+ year old. His 50s are the best. So great. Such aww. Other 50s are not. So sad.

  3. Have you noticed that some people just dont have the intelligence and maturity to get over the results of an election and they just keep going on and on and on about it even though what they think, feel, say or do is as meaningless as a dog fart?

    • Could be it’s because the election was rigged. Just a thought. But… phew… to hell with democracy. America has a king now.

    • Are you this dumb? October 5, 2018

      Yeah, golly especially the incels living in mom’s basement who whine about the election being rigged and have no clue about the representative republic that the USA is, still thinking it’s a Democracy.

      Good news, it’s fresh sheets day!

    • US is a 2-party-dictatorship

    • Sadly they are October 11, 2018

      @Are you: The problem is that most schools no longer have civics classes, where children learn about how their government works and why it works that way. All that they get is indoctrination from typically left leaning educators, leaving us with uneducated adults such as Anon.

  4. I noticed that Trump does much better job than Obama, Hillary, Bernie and all the other liars ever did.

  5. How much hair dye does this aging queen go through in a month?

  6. We win you lose demodouches.

  7. You Americans are so ****** up right now. Prelude to your downfall. Everybody on this planet is disgusted by your president, your economy is to blow up,you lost all respect as a nation and all Americans I know feel ashamed of their government.
    No doubt Europe will have to prepare for a wave of American refugees. America will bleed out and become a combination of a christian Iran and North Korea.

    • The U.S.A. have become an unreliable partner in the international Arena and fails as a moral compass to the world. I’m afraid this will end badly and with much losses to the States. The winner is Russia. But that was Putin’s plan all along when he elected Donald Trump.

    • You should know, but probably don’t because you can’t see past the nose on your face, that IF the American economy crashes, the rest of the world will crash into the dark ages. The bulk of world currency exchanges revolves around the American dollar. If it’s gone you will be exchanging your precious Euros for shiny beads and bits of string.

    • Some countries already changed from Dollar to Euro. Maybe the US will be the only one hitting the floor hard after the fall.

    • libtard

  8. You’re both delusional. Melodramatic as well.

    • Says the master of troll theatre. From you this is a knighthood for them.

  9. If you don’t live in the US why do you even care? Are you admitting that all your little countries are meaningless little toad villages and only the US matters? I know it’s true, but admitting you have a problem is the first step.

  10. Now you’ve done it. It’ll be oh but the Queen and our meaningless toad village is better then US ever was and bla bla … truth is once the Globalists take over we’re all screwed. And say what you like about Trump, he’s not a evil Globalist.

  11. It’s just the Left. They have gone insane with socialism. In the US only the left is in the streets trying to silence free speech, free thought etc… it’s why they lose elections, it’s why Trump won. Blame yourselves.

    • You Americans have no clue what socialism is. Your lefties are the righties in normal countries. You are a far right fundamentalist state with both parties.

  12. How ’bout them Cubs!

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