Pets That Are Having The Greatest Day Ever

11 thoughts on “Pets That Are Having The Greatest Day Ever”

  1. I thought pigs are food not pets?

  2. Not enough cats :(

  3. Bacon isn’t a pet! Also, stoned birthday dog has been in waaaayyyy too many threads.

  4. Wait what? I thought dogs are food not pets?

  5. Good thing about being omnivorous with an adaptable gut- all those animals are food!

  6. J.B. and me have made several comments about animals being kept out of doors, most especially pigs. Onlyist animals you might keep inside is fishes. But who in there right minds keep fish except in the icebox waitin’ to be fried? We ate our share of pigs, but never had dogs as food. That’s un-natural, ain’t it?

  7. Too many cats!

  8. This antropomorphization of animals has to stop. It was already boring 50 years ago with all those Disney movies and stuff.

  9. oh please….they’re all cute and the subjects can be pets, stop analyzing take the pics for what they are and if you can’t enjoy them, you’re more to pitied than scorned!

  10. Last pic is Riley the Stoned Birthday Dog!

  11. OH S H I T

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