Great Song. Terrific Job. Tremendous.

12 thoughts on “Great Song. Terrific Job. Tremendous.”

  1. How happy he is sitting next to real royalty. He hopes to get his own kingdom. Without that pescy peasant parliament.

  2. I didn’t know Dame Edna sang Bohemian Rhapsody.

  3. If it was Joe B, he would be sniffing her between the loins while Hunter was rummaging through her purse.

  4. More Americans would be alive though if this was Joe B.

  5. The stock market was up today because the Republicans kept control of the Senate and gained seats in the House, so if Biden is declared the winner, he won’t be able to do much…Thank goodness. Health Insurance stocks were also way up. Why? Because if Biden wins and Obozocare stays, people will be forced to pay their outrageous prices or pay a fine. I sure these “big evil companies” that the liberals hate so much will be more than willing to pick your pockets, and you libs won’t have a choice! There’s and old saying…”Be careful what you wish for.” You will be forced to line big corporation’s pockets! Enjoy! I know they’ll appreciate it! Also look forward to $4+ gas. One of Biden’s lies is that he won’t stop fracking. He will keep it legal but throw on so many regulations that they go out of business anyway, but this allows him to say that he won’t ban it with a straight face. Enjoy being gouged at the pump again, you gullible schmucks!

  6. The stocks are up because Biden is better for the economy. The last 4 years the US collected a hugh debt, like any Trump business.

  7. Ida Clair: Please let me live in my own sh*t in this sh*thole country under god. I want nothing to change. Social equality is disgusting, progress is evil and healthcare is death. If god wanted social equality he wouldn’t have printed the bible. If god wanted progress he would have created the car on the 5th day. If god wanted healthcare no one would be sick.
    Rest of the World: Whatever. As long as you keep your sh*t to yourself we are happy.

  8. Fracking is a very destructive procedure that damages the foundations deep into the ground. It results in artificial earthquakes and polution of drinking water. It’s like setting your house on fire because you have cold feet.

  9. Ida, did your husband allow you posting here? When I remmember right women have to keep shut. The bible says so.

  10. That’s the same outfit she was wearing for her guest appearance on Teen Titans Go!

  11. “You may have noticed that I’m not all there myself.”

  12. trump didn’t help any the liar!

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