The Perfect Hiding Place

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Hiding Place”

  1. Why not hide it on Bing?

  2. Or Altivista (now part of Yahoo). Snicker.

  3. Google has a page 2? I did a search and couldn’t find it. Page 1 made reference to it, but where do you look? Just what the hell is a bing? Did you mean bling or maybe blind? I’ll bet google can find it.

  4. I like Bing because it doesn’t throw up one of those hard capacha’s when you access it from TOR. Your know, like when it says click on the street sign but the street sign pole may be part of the capacha or not or when some of the sign spills over into another tile (like 10 pixels).

  5. Conservatives and libertarians go to page 2,3, 4 … or use duckduckgo. Marxists never stray from page one.

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