Cats Are For Strong People

7 thoughts on “Cats Are For Strong People”

  1. You preach the truth, Eatliver!
    Cats > Dogs

  2. More like cats are for people who like to have pets that detest them, and would eat them if they were bigger. Gods? Notsomuch.

  3. “…detest them, and would eat them if they were bigger. Gods?”
    Yep, gods. Good description.

  4. Dogs are for dictators, wannabe masters, wishy rulers, egomaniacs.

  5. Dogs are for people who want pets. Cats are for idiots who want to live with an antisocial ****.

  6. I second that.
    Cats are also for girls/women, who don’t have much of a free will, autonomy or an opinion of their own, but admire these concepts and therefore keep a ‘pet’ that has these things, to some extend. Therefore: cat lovers < real people

  7. “Dogs can sky-rocket in popularity and can fall just as fast, so when you get these fads in dog breed popularity it takes about 25 years. The English bulldog, for example, is going through a resurgence in popularity, whereas purebred dogs are no longer preferred. There has also been an increase on dogs being rescued from shelters. These trends, Herzog says, are similar to trends you might see in fashion cycles.

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