God Logic Totally Makes Sense



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  1. E.A. Presley April 7, 2016

    Seems logical… ;)

  2. Zee Dr.furheer April 7, 2016

    Meh, if kanye west was born in ancient time, he’ll be worshipped as god.. Thats human for you.

  3. Well, he made us with free will, and our original parents used that gift of free will to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge – they had been warned not to. The fruit from that tree is the first consciousness altering drug, a drug that has poisoned us to this day and we’re born with it. It’s why we die, it’s why wars are fought, it’s why the almighty sent his son to save us from ourselves. Lots of people blame “god” for babies dying, disease, war, famine, Justin Beaver, etc etc but we really have ourselves to blame.

    • Why did he let an apple tree grow then!!!

    • louis cyfer April 8, 2016

      you are a complete dimwit. you do understand your fairy tale makes zero sense. the all knowing god knew before it put the tree in there that the humans would eat it. that makes god culpable. luckily we know there was no adam and eve, and there is zero evidence that your mass murdering genocidal evil god exists. this is the good news you are supposed to tell people.

    • Magic fruit? Hereditary sin poison? “The Almighty”?
      Don’t stop there. Tell us how leprechauns and unicorns fit in!

    • StonerFoTwenny April 8, 2016

      So what Josh sayn is apples get you high? And I’m smoking weed in an apple pipe, what a waste.

    • richard milton April 10, 2016

      original parents? There was a man and a woman and they had TWO
      SONS. Now where is it exactly that the human race came from?

    • I didn’t do anything….thats like punishing all germans because of Hitler

    • You really believe that nonsense? Hopefully one day your kind will die off.

  4. About as insulting and offensive to Christianity as you can get.

  5. If you choose not to be saved its not what he does to you. But what you have done to your self.
    What Good is Free Will If it Gives Us Evil Anyway? – ZoNation

    • So your god didn’t create Hell and doesn’t send people there?

  6. “Why did he let an apple tree grow then!!!”
    Something to do with free will.
    Also, it’s not like we weren’t warned about what would happen.

    • Warned about dying? According to the story, death didn’t exist yet. How could you be intimidated with something that doesn’t exist?
      Oh, right…

  7. OK. And so what do you propose?

  8. Absolutely April 10, 2016


  9. Charles Schultz April 24, 2016

    All religion is blatant BS.

  10. JimJungleSir July 10, 2016

    post hoc, ergo propter hoc; emotional appeal; abstraction; poisoning the well; a dicto simplicitor; straw man…
    Sir, you are no logician! Deceit be thy name.

  11. Someone managing the content on this site has some serrious daddy issues with God, the trouble we dind ourselves in is a result of our or someone elses bad decisions. You mock God, this is something you will regret sorely at some point.

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