There are Two Types of Countries

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  2. I love Americans and their patriotism! I wish we had that here.

  3. 2. those who use duct tape as main fastener

  4. All current and future NASA moon projects use the metric system exclusively. Even the Apollo Guidance Computer calculated everything in metric, but then transformed it into the arbitrary customary unit system for the astronauts to read. So, no.

  5. Oh, but you have. It’s called Lega Nord.

  6. went to the moon…. allegedly.

  7. You’ve been to the moon because of German scientsts. And that was 45 years ago. A bit pathetic, no?

  8. One huge a** is enough for this world.

  9. but the moon still exists! mission: failed!

  10. The metric system was used on all of the Apollo mission… Simply because…yeah well…it’s simple ;)

  11. Yes, go USA, but why those letters resemble the french flag? Perhaps it is somehow linked to the fact, that the statue of liberty is also french? So america actually is french colony. Still. MUAHAH!

  12. Didn’t know that Liberia and Burma have been to the moon. When did this happen?

  13. To the moon, Alice!

  14. @ GOP unicorn
    That’s a political party (which is ridiculous by the way), I am talking about people’s mentality.

  15. A metric german brought the US to the moon. That’s how it was played. :-D

  16. Italian patrionism is running home to Mama.

  17. I love how sticking with an archaic and idiotic system is somehow seen as being patriotic

  18. In all likelihood …, put possibly not.

  19. Went to the moon as much as killed Osama. Yeah, right.

  20. there is no moon…

  21. There are two types of people.
    One knows that NASA uses metric system and other don`t.

  22. As someone already pointed out, what about Liberia and Burma? They also use those archaic measurements, and I really doubt that they have been to the moon. On the other hand, the guys who got the Americans to the moon were a bunch of German WWII scientists, who of course used metric all the way from the start. Come to think of it, those Germans retired in the 70`s, and no Americans have visited the moon since then.
    Those archaic US measurements are just not suited to anything with low tolerances or more complex than nailing a couple two-by-fours together.
    1 mile in metric: 1,609344 km.
    1 km the US way: 4 furlongs, 9 chains, 2 rods, 13 feet, 9 inches, 5 pica and 5 points.
    Easy, huh? No prize for guessing which system is most costly and difficult to use, and of course prone to sometimes very costly mistakes.

  23. Warning: Euroweenies viewing this webpage may be triggered to a severe butthurt reaction. Proceed at your own risk.

  24. Hey, cheer up! Just yesterday ESA’s Vega sent IXV to it’s flight. Vega is mostly Italian project and so far with 4 flights behind it have worked flawlessly!
    Remember, how Olivetti had futuristic idea (and implementation) about personal computers on 60s! That was great surprise for me when I saw a document few months ago. What a visionaires!
    I do also have a Ducati which I’m very proud of and love the way it looks and handles!

  25. I forgot to mention Samantha Cristoforetti. She is an astronaut in ISS. If she doesn’t make you proud then what will?

  26. I love America more than everything other than Jesus, the GOP, conservatism, Ronald Reagan, the Constitution, the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist and the destruction of Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

  27. Right. Too bad France gave America so much land because Napoleon needed money and couldn’t handle the slave revolts – “The Louisiana Purchase”…
    The Statue of Liberty is “French”? Personifying objects is weird… Considering the Statue of Liberty is in America’s possesion – it belongs to America and therefore is not “French”.
    America was a British Colony in the past, never French.
    Are you mentally retarded?

  28. It’s funny seeing so many fallacies and argumentation errors depicted by so few terms. The punch line is the realization that someone actually measures their personal self esteem based on these sentences duct taped onto a wall :) No butthurt here. Just pity.

  29. The Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from France to the US. Made by a french artist. Therefore the lady was born french but has US citizenship now. ;)

  30. Hahaha XD can’t stop laughing.

  31. Where’s Hillary?

  32. Also they didn’t establish a democracy there… or at least a friendly regime

  33. Perhaps, except countries that use the metric system have been to the moon. And even the USA’s moon landings were done using… the metric system.

  34. My wife and I met Norquist once at Bull Feathers.

  35. yankee have been to the moon just thanks to non u.s. scientists

  36. @Italiano Medio
    People’s mentality? You really want to go there? Ask your grandpa how proud was he about Il Duce Mussolini. He was a real patriot, wasn’t he?

  37. nazi ones

  38. We’re all immigrants here anyway, except for the natives, so what’s your point exactly?

  39. :-) !!!

  40. But the American German Scientists still beat the Russian German Scientists to the moon.
    Go USA!

  41. When this country was first getting started, the most courageous and ambitious Europeans came here, leaving the timid and lazy behind. The strong survived and prospered and the weak died along the way. Now those same cowards and sissies hate America for being successful. But still, the rest of the world is still trying to get here any way they can.
    By the way, you Eurotrash weenies still owe us for saving your sorry asses during TWO world wars, that you started and we had to finish for you.
    Now, piss off.

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