The World’s Greatest Pictures of Men Posing With Cats

It’s perfectly normal for men to post adorable photos of holding cats in their arms, but these guys have taken it to the next level… and we sure are glad they did it because these pictures came out funny as hell!

Just hanging out together in front of a fireplace.

Beautiful glamour shot with a cat.

Awesome retro glamour photo.

Awkward family posing with a cat.

Awkward photo with cats.

Awkward guys posing with their cats.

Bubbles with one of his kitties.

Awesome family portrait.

Awesome glamour shot with a cat.

Christmas glamour shot with a fake cat.

Futuristic glamour shot with a cat.

Beautiful man posing with beautiful cats.

Weird photo with a banana and cat.

Hilarious Christmas photo with a cat.

Awkward selfie with a cat.

Posing with a cat in matching scarfs. Beautiful.

Morrissey posing with a cat on his head.

Awkward guys posing with their cats.

Glorious photo with a cat.

Beautiful studio portrait with a cat.

The baby Jesus has born!

16 thoughts on “The World’s Greatest Pictures of Men Posing With Cats”

  1. Ummm….

  2. Again? How many times have we seen this?

  3. I think they’re doing it on purpose now…

    Which WOULD be kinda funny.

  4. Don’t think we didn’t notice the guy trying to sneak in a rabbit in that 5th pic.

  5. Once more a repetition of another re-rerun all over again.

  6. REALLY??? AGAIN???? Sort yourself out Eatliver!!

  7. 4th pic down: She has one eye looking at you, and one eye looking FOR you… :-)

  8. and from all the times you complained about the photos being repeated. Did you see the rabbit?
    if you didn’t… then you never really LOOKED at the photos.

  9. Now that the United States is making the EU build their own Military, these pictures look to me like what that Military is going to look like. God the next 20 years is going to be a blast!

  10. Most of you get it: eatliver is a network page, that reruns the same crap over and over. You can See the other pages, when they do a best oft month post. It’s a network made to make money through ads.

  11. The best weapons in the world were made in Europe. Check your sources.

  12. For some , it maybe the only p***y they will get

  13. And those pictures are American. We don’t do such kitsch in Europe.

  14. Okay. I guess we’ve gone full circle now. Cats > Rabbits > First Repost > Second Repost —->

    Apply yourself, Eatliver!

  15. I think no 13 wants more than a banana

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