This One Goes Out to All the Lonely Guys Out There



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  1. He also had (an still has) millions of followers. How many followers do you have, artist?

  2. Hitler was extremely desirable. He had CHARIZMA. Thing that makes man a man.
    Either you got the looks or the talks.
    Otherwise – you can either expect a similar girl, who lacks everything or be alone.
    But – both can be worked upon.
    Hitler didn’t become a great spokesperson in one day. He trained very hard – especially he did unconventional things, like took photos of himself, to see if his gestures aren’t perceived wrongly.

  3. Many men today choose to be single. Youtube mgtow and take the red pill.

  4. she probably made him do all those things. “Adolf, if you don’t invade Poland, I’m leaving you, and I’ll tell everyone you have a small Geschlechtsorgan.”

  5. Event Horizon May 3, 2019

    And committed suicide after two days of marriage.
    Shiny happy people.

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