So Many Homophobes Turn Out To Be Secretly Gay

10 thoughts on “So Many Homophobes Turn Out To Be Secretly Gay”

  1. I wonder what the EL guy is. A fat, middle aged woman?

  2. What if you hate/are afraid of heretosexuals? Does that make you secretly one?

  3. He is right I hate myself.

  4. What I find funny is how the Left constantly tries to mix up
    disagreeing with something
    being afraid of something.
    It’s just one of the deceptions they use to *pretend* to be “superior.”
    The delusions of the Left are really turning out to be a mental illness indeed!

  5. Conservatives understand the concept of neither context or nuance, so yes, I imagine how you claim to see the left is actually how you see the left.
    You, however, are wrong. Scared and wrong. And let’s not forget angry. Angry, scared and wrong.

  6. Oh, ratty, ratty, ratty.
    GO F OFF; your imbecilic droppings really CONFIRM what I point out.
    In that sense, “thanks.”
    Otherwise, GO F OFF, loser.

  7. Funny thing is that looking at this right-left thing in the USA from Europe is very different. What people like Kauf Buch consider left is right to most Europeans whilst what people such as him consider right would be right extremism. Send my regards to Mr. McCarthy. Job well done.

  8. Hey, I scared and angered Kauf Buch. Way to prove MY point.
    Now off to your safe space with you.

  9. A great analogy!: Homophobic = Gay and Arachnophobic = Giant Spider

  10. I hear the most shaco whit coming out of the mouths of homeless beggars on street corners, it’s like watching 5 minutes of The View.

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