People Sharing Funny Ways To Escape a Bad Date



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  1. Tell him your lesbian girl friend is a title IX lawyer.

  2. Girls like psychos with leadership skills September 30, 2018

    Tell her your a mass murdering phycho. Nevermind…

    • Intl nationalist October 1, 2018

      Or that you can’t tell the difference between you’re and your, it should work.

  3. Well, offering the video of you squishing mayonnaise between your toes can be a huge turn on for some people. Could turn out differently as you expected

  4. Obi-Wan Kenobi October 1, 2018

    General Reposti!

  5. Tell her she is too slim and you like liberal size women.

  6. condiment king 7 March 7, 2020

    she want cha-nae-nae,dio-yor

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