Fun Facts About Germany

10 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Germany”

  1. Some rape, assault, burka pics with a picture of a Mosque and Merkle in a bathing suite would sum it up.

  2. Fox news script?
    I’d say Americans need to get out more but that never seems to work out too well.

  3. Are you talking about Germany, Europe or some little “I wed my sister” town in the US?

  4. Well, we got Angela Merkel, and really, she doesn’t look too sexy in a bathing suit. You otoh will either will soon have Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. A Dummy or a Mummy. Must suck to be you.

  5. At least Angela Merkel is a real politician. Not some economic criminal. Yet I think Trump is the worse of two evils. He didn’t even disclosed his taxes. So his undisclosed criminal record must be a nightmare.

  6. Samton: The IRS would be the organization in charge of verifying tax returns. That you feel that since he didn’t disclose them, they must be criminal, tends to point to your inability to think rationally..
    Good luck.

  7. **** Germany. The only thing Germans are good for is starting AND losing wars. The women are uglier than dogs, but with hairier legs.

  8. To be fair, the “rich” and “famous” people like Trump are above the laws applied to the common people.

  9. It’s good to see old allies back together in each others embrace. Brings a tear to my eye.

  10. wtf. Donald is that you?

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