Genders Are Like The Twin Towers



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  1. I used to come here to get away from political discussions. Should I start looking for another comedy website?

    • Flossy McHookerpants December 31, 2016

      Because you’re a whiny liberal….

    • Binary gender man December 31, 2016

      1)Political discussion
      2)Imaginary genders
      Pick one dipshit

    • Vorlon the Squid January 1, 2017

      It’s a tuffy.
      Twin towers->Mohammedans->Bad immigration enforcement->Hussein->DNC
      Twin towers->Rape of Cologne->Bad immigration policy->Merkel->Christian Democrats
      Genders->He She’s->She He’s->Sodomite bathrooms->Hussein->DNC
      New York->High crime->Big Bird->DNC
      every way you look at it, politics.

    • Yes!!! I managed to do the most controversial comment this post.

  2. Lazier Than Thou December 31, 2016

    Thanks to the internet and a near constant barrage of jokes thrown my way, I usually don’t laugh out loud. This time I did.
    I love this joke.

    • It’s right up there with: “Other than that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”.

  3. FFS Eatliver. Where are the cats? We want 100% cat-comics in 2017.
    Cats > Eatliver 2016

  4. It’s only a “sensitive subject” if you insist on treating human beings as if they’re not human beings.

    • The Good German January 1, 2017

      True. But comment too intelligent for the common user.

    • Lazier Than Thou January 1, 2017

      Human beings make bad choices and are mocked for making those bad choices. Mocking someone for making bad choices does not make the person being mocked less human.

  5. @Lazier Than Thou: Of course we’re not talking about people merely getting mocked. In the best cases we’re talking about people losing their families, their jobs and their homes. At worst we’re talking about people losing their civil rights, their personal safety, and even their lives.
    Some people see humor in that. Usually they’re in the fifth grade.

    • You know there’s a “reply” icon, right? It’s pretty darned hard to miss. As in right underneath the OP’s comment? Even on mobile services despite them being evil and designed to enhance the internet’s maddening effects?

  6. Neurologist January 1, 2017

    Also, it was once very popular to behead people on a village square. People gathered and made a day out of it.
    But things changeā€¦ not much public executions any more…

  7. How can you speak Spanish, French, or Italian with using gendered words? Are SJW going to start banning languages now?

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