I’ve Got an Important Question For You

Do women shake the pump after filling up? Or is it just a man thing?

12 thoughts on “I’ve Got an Important Question For You”

  1. I’ve never seen a man shake a petrol pump.

  2. Is that Ethel?

  3. Lol I’d say something but I might get haters

  4. Too late. We’ll troll you if you don’t say it.

  5. Well, I’ll say: I sure hope she jig… shakes.

  6. With the price on petrol these days, she better be lifting the hose up and making there isn’t any petrol left in the hose. If not, then it’s time for divorce.

  7. Shaking more than twice and it’s playing with yourself!

  8. You can shake it, you can squeeze it, you can beat it against the wall, but ya gotta put it in your pants to make the last drop fall.

  9. No matter how much
    you shake your peg
    at least one drop
    goes down your leg

  10. Yor lucky if dem crazy wominz even git da hose in de right hole. Den day drive off wid da hose still in da spigot and tear yor hose rite off.

  11. Yeah I tried, could not – and I’m not the weakest man around. Bolted to the ground these damn things are.

  12. Better say it!! :)

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