Damn Lag


Gamer Jesus is not amused.


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  1. Spawning in analog times.

  2. According to Christian faith he died on a Friday and rose on Sunday. That ain’t no 3 days is all I’m saying.

  3. The Perfessor April 21, 2019

    Meh… Low-hanging fruit. Requires little wit, no originality, and definitely no guts.

    Making fun of the religions of Moses or Jesus is cheap and risk-free. Nobody will issue a fatwa against you; no-one will come after you to shoot/stab/decapitate or kill you in some other gruesome medieval manner; crowds won’t be marching in the streets, consulates won’t go up in flames, newspaper head offices won’t be bombed to smithereens…

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter April 21, 2019

      And that is a good thing. First christianity, next islam. All religions will fall.

    • MakeAmericaGoAway April 21, 2019

      I’m a lying, manipulative, controlling, narcissistic huckster. But I won’t beat you up if you make fun of me. I’m such a great guy!

    • I do wonder if this post happened before the bombings in Sri Lanka. Definitely was after the unfortunate Notre Dame fire.

      Too bad religions can’t abide their respect others directions and other non-religious people can’t follow the don’t be murdering buttnozzles mores of current society.

    • English please, Haha.

  4. Jesus, the first zombie.

  5. So many negative comments. Let’s remember he gave his life so we could have four days of work and stuff ourselves with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. A bit of respect people.

    • It’s the only time of year (here anyway) that the candy coated robin eggs (crunchy coated, malted milk balls for those unfamiliar) are available.

    • One day off work.

  6. Simon "The Rock" Peter April 22, 2019

    Weak joke, bruh.

    What I want to know if he saw his shadow. According to tradition, if he sees his shadow, it’s 2 more weeks of Lent.

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