Game of Thrones Characters That Look Like Houses


14 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Characters That Look Like Houses”

  1. Mind = blown

  2. Not funny at all.

  3. All stolen from Tolkien.

  4. Really? I never knew Tolkien owned that many houses…

  5. Now THAT was dumb.

  6. I agree

  7. Sooo…. Game of Thrones only has white and ultra white characters….

  8. Yeah, in a world that is inspired by medieval europe most characters are white. Wow, that’s racist. Like those japanese movies about medieval samurais. No damn black guy in those stories! Not even white people!! Mega racist!!!

  9. I’m guessing you’ve only watched the HBO series. The books has a larger cast which includes the folks from the Summer Island, black people. The other beggar king is a Summer Islander, Jalabhar Xho. Although he is still alive in the fifth book, he gets less exposure then the more famed “Beggar King” who died in the first book. The people of Dorne are not white, although the HBO series probably “whitey-fied” them. They’re a dessert people, so should be dark skinned like most Middle Easterners.

  10. That was very amusing…well done.

  11. yeah @Moon Boy they’re a dessert people so they’re probably chocolate

  12. This must have taken forever to put together.

  13. Et Tu, Ollie??

  14. Don’t get it. Then again, I never gave an eff anyway. Well, the one with those jacked up teeth was a good match.

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