Not All Disabilities Are Visible!

10 thoughts on “Not All Disabilities Are Visible!”

  1. That’s ableist.

  2. Don’t get it.

  3. Me either.

  4. Help me C.O., you’re my only hope.

  5. El Capitano , little help there!

  6. googling 9 finds some wird site 9gag with same looking logo …

  7. both eatliver and 9gag are supposed to bring us fun. we want fun, not hate.

  8. What?

  9. The box-nine logo is for Deviant 9 Studios, but I still don’t get it. Further, handicaps are nothing to be made fun of, if that is what someone is trying to do here……

  10. Maybe what he/she/it wants to say that, 9gag is an addiction… because hell yeah!!!

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