Not All Disabilities Are Visible!



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  1. Captain Obvious December 7, 2016

    That’s ableist.

  2. Don’t get it.

  3. Quiteindeed December 8, 2016

    El Capitano , little help there!

  4. 9gagger liver eater December 8, 2016

    both eatliver and 9gag are supposed to bring us fun. we want fun, not hate.

    • phuck_d-neym January 15, 2017

      Maybe what he/she/it wants to say that, 9gag is an addiction… because hell yeah!!!

  5. The box-nine logo is for Deviant 9 Studios, but I still don’t get it. Further, handicaps are nothing to be made fun of, if that is what someone is trying to do here……

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