41 thoughts on “Donald Trump Dog Chew Toy Is Gaining Popularity”

  1. Even teh doggies luv Trump

  2. I suppose this was inevitable …
    Now, where can I buy one? :)))

  3. I prefer the Obama ass-wipe.

  4. Cause you’re full of shit?

  5. Is there an Obama version? Or Tupac?

  6. By the way, the second doggo, is that a Beauceron by chance?

  7. Just keep it away from the female dogs or it will molest them.

  8. Can I get a box of “Donald Trump Kitty litter”?

  9. But it would have been racist and a threat to security if I’d had an Obama chew toy.

  10. It’s a Trump brain eating dog. What’s wrong with you?

  11. Yes. Because Obama is a man with a basicly flawless reputation. While Trump is a human pig that is proud of molesting women, shows the attention span of a rainworm, is cultivating bad taste and the lack of culture and knowledge as culture and reveals his only talent is to be able to hide his criminal activity from the authorities.
    He’s just a disgrace to the USA.
    Imagine Aliens landing in the USA once again. This time under Trump. First he will confuse them with covfefy. Then he will grab the alien female fleet commander between her tenticles. Trump just started an interstellar war.

  12. Yeah, Obama really did have everybody fooled.

  13. How juvenile can you get……

  14. Obviously not as good as criminal mastermind Trump. Or you wouldn’t have voted for him.

  15. lol, don’t blame me for the dem party forcing you to choose between Hillary and the socialist in the primary then screwing over the socialist to force Hillary on you then she being so unelectable that Trump won.

    And don’t bother with the crying that Hillary should have won because Trump did win according to the rules and the law. Dems set you up with a bad situation.

  16. The Reps set you up with a far worse situation: Trump.

  17. Calling Hillary Clinton a socialist is like calling Jeffrey Dahmer a reincarnation of Jesus. You mouth breathing idiots in the U.S. have no idea what a socialist is.

  18. Reading comprehension must not be your strong suit. Bernie Sanders aka the socialist was the socialist in the primary who got dumped (behind the scenes and behind his back) by the dems to push for Hitlary to be the candidate against Trump. Now we’re stuck with wannabe socialists and a crop of dems who want to give everything away to buy votes.

  19. Compassion for fellow humans must not be your strong suit. We are currently stuck with a criminal moron, Donald Dumb, trying to buy votes by supporting coal and steel companies running at losses, by supporting farmers that lost their international consumers due to tarrifs and by promising non-existent medical insurance plans.

  20. And a temporary tax reduction “paid” for with the national deficit.

  21. On the contrary, I’ve seen first hand what people in Mexico and South America have been dealt. Built houses, delivered food and other goods. What they need there are jobs, decent government and futures. Neither side of the US parties have been able to deliver that to them and democrats only want to make more people dependent on govt handouts paid for by others. Dems are just as far away from anything constructive as anything the republicans have to offer.

  22. @William The only thing Haha has shown compassion to so far is his own wallet.

  23. I work, earn my pay and pay my taxes. Why should I give more of my money away to the govt to misspend?

    BTW, California, among others, recently started an internet tax for out of state vendors. Seems liberals don’t really like paying their “fair share.”

  24. FYI: the USA levies taxes on its citizens living abroad, unlike any other western country.

  25. Haha is the typical american egoist. Me, me, me. He even enjoys the suffering of others because it elevates his ego above them fueled by the contemptuous puritan philosophy. That’s why their society is sick and degrading slowly. If you pray hate you’ll only harvest death.

  26. Wow, you feckless nuts are seriously ocd.

  27. And disturbingly disturbed.

  28. Btw, simple little Billy, the US foreign earned income exclusion takes care of much of those income taxes you are worried about. No tax fraud you are insinuating.

    What’s the matter? Afraid you might have to pay your fair share?

  29. Right on! I agree 100%

  30. Is this all The Left has? Chew toys and spite? XD You’re such pathetic fools. Trump 2020!

  31. And 2024, and 2028. After that my sons will take over.

  32. Where can i buy some!

  33. I taught you well. :-)

  34. I am not worried about paying my fair share. Unlike your potus.

  35. @Haha, californians that do not want to pay their fair share are known as republicans.

  36. Nope. Just a run-of-the-mill Dobe. (Beaucés have longer fur, and naturally-erect ears, too.)

  37. Trump-brain eating dog? Then that dog must always go hungry

  38. I think my old guess about Trump’s COVFEFE was correct. It was right after his first visit to Europe and being disappointed on them specially being humiliated by a woman (Merkel) and the next morning he was back in the US, he wrote it on twitter and I guess he meant (Count On Vengeance F**king Europeans – F**k Europe) and then the tariff on aluminum and steel and other stuffs began.

  39. But don’t forget that Trump, as idiot as he is, is not a dumb, although he is a puppet for republicans to do what they wished to do but never did, not to damage their own image, and left it to Trump to do it wh also is good to fill his own and his family’s pockets. Trump is a political profligate dissolute type, and his special manner of talking and changing every minute and not being accountable, makes it easier for him as people just blame everything as his dumbness or ruthlessness as person and not as an already established political line that previous presidents have had but considered with dignity, respect and honor. They crushed the poor tax-payers as well and elevated the rich. Have you forgot Reagan, Bush H & W? Or do you still love them? And Democrats are just rats like Republicans, the servants of the Wall Street and not the people who pay tax.
    I suggest that you read Professor Chomsky’s articles at chomsky.info or Professor Jonathan Kozol and several others who care about humane values.
    And don’t be afraid of the word socialism, which does not mean communism, but just as treating those who pay for the society with dignity and give them back what they have paid for.

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