21 thoughts on “Very True Graphs”

  1. Hm, all true, I think.

  2. A lot of insulting and stupid stuff

  3. more left wing crap.

  4. Actually stats show that though they make mistakes occasionally Fox news is the most accurate. That Joke should say CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, or any other Democrat mouth piece one can think of.

  5. Yawn, Just popping back to give you one last chance @Eatliver, not off to a great start, lets flick through a few more of your posts to see how this is going to play out……

  6. rightard tears

  7. Rightard tears because the fake news bubble bursts. Pop.

  8. Cry us a river of rightard tears.

  9. Frug has already lost too many brain cells. Drink the Koolaid Bill.

  10. Eatliver doesn’t need you. But you need eatliver.

  11. T and Mort – It would seem that I made you poor little dears upset, you poor little left wing atheist soy boys with a propensity towards self mutilation. You must have been beaten up a lot when you were children. Something strange about you that the other children didn’t like? I’m sorry. Hey! You know what? I hear your trans moms are making you a nice pot of stew. Plus they’ve got those crunchy buns you like so much. After your CNN indoctrination all you have to do is come up from the basement, sit down at the table and have a nice comforting meal. I promise you you’ll feel a whole lot better. MMM tasty! I hear there’s pie afterwards if you’re good boys.

  12. T – Your rapacious wit and phonetic acrobatics are astounding.

  13. Bill Frug, reading all you typed made me very curious, regardinf how a typical evening looks like at your place.

    Please. I’m not trying to either trap you or attempting to make you look like a fool. I genuinely would like to know what you consider good (or normal) living. Compared to stew, pie, tv and parents that take care of their children.

    Leave no details out. I’m not from USA, so go all the way ;)

  14. I don’t like Fox because they don’t have blogs at the bottom. I like media matters because I can troll anomalously on my TOR Disqus account.

  15. **** these graphs.

  16. Sacrificing an right-winged american to Satan every evening, what else?

  17. Nice finds in the dictionary. Well done, Frug. You get an A.

  18. After I’ve consumed large amounts of alcohol, I usually say “Man, I am FACED!” Also, eatliver should pre-check the Privacy Policy box cuz I keep forgetting.

  19. Curious Cat – Let me spell it out for you. He made a point of fact. He was insulted by morons. He returned the favor. And you don’t understand why.

  20. cat – Sorry if my insult was a little over creative and that it bothers you. I’ll try and dumb it down next time.

  21. are these made by an autistic person?

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