Schrödinger’s Immigrant



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  1. bob the builder August 14, 2019

    if this were a real road crew, you would see at least four or five supervisors standing around watching that one guy work, and two or three more holding traffic flags…

    • Bob the impregnator August 14, 2019

      I’m Jane the illegal, I’m from Guatemala. I have 6 children from 5 husbands and your an ass..

    • Bob the impregator August 14, 2019

      @Bob the impregnator
      Because, just because, Queen Elizabeth laughed at your junk…. some guy named Bob.

    • bob the builder August 15, 2019

      while the cartoon? involved immigration, my own comment was snark referring to government contractors and their waste, fraud and abuse. no matter the racial makeup or legal status of the crew, you invariably see a dozen guys standing around and one guy working. so i was suggesting the top photo must be dubious. I had thought that evident. 🚧😵

    • What about Bob? August 15, 2019

      You are just blunt racist. Face it. Constructing conspiracy theories won’t help.

  2. These are 2 different immigrants. The worker is from Asia or Eastern Europe, the lazy one from Muslim countries.

  3. Silly. No one cares about WHITE immigrants. There’s a dude from Ireland actively trying to get deported because he can’t afford a plane ticket home, and ICE straight up told him “you’re not the kind of illegal we’re looking for.”

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