20 Signs That You Obviously Booked The Cheapest Hotel Possible



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  1. Saved the best for last…

  2. Man made me laugh

  3. Hotel Manager March 25, 2018

    A transparent glass wall between the room and the bathroom is not uncommen, also in high end 5 star hotels. It is popular for people on romantic vacations, honeymoons, or *****mongering.

  4. The electric kettle one is just customer stupidity, the cord is tucked away in thefot of the kettle and easily retrievable. And the tap which runs wate ron itself is just a bit loose and has turned instead of turning the spout.

    • i did stay at a place where the electric kettle had a cord that was about a foot long and the outlet was 18 inches from the floor and at least 2 feet from the nearest piece of furniture, all of which was bolted down. i had to stand there, holding the kettle waiting for the water to heat every morning for my cup of coffee.

  5. duhh. wh**ing first, then drugs. it’s just safer that way.

  6. Traveling Bob March 25, 2018

    The faucet reminds me of the Best Western at the Grand Canyon.

    • Lol I went there

    • That would be nice. Must be an stonishing landscape. But undoubtedly I would get inprisoned when arriving in the US for being too free minded.

    • I think I would shoot you and the NRA would thank me for that.

  7. The TP is just cruelty…

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