Worst Halloween Costume Knock-Offs Ever

Halloween is just around the corner and most costume stores are filled with the same 20 outfits, but some design companies have found a way around this with fresh, slightly off-brand Halloween costume knock-offs that aren’t really fooling anyone. Scroll down to see the funniest and stupidest of them all.

A-lad-in a costume.

TMNT Halloween costume.

Darth Vader Halloween costume.

Waldo Halloween costume.

Mario Halloween costume.

Haermany Grinder Halloween costume.

Hungry rebel girl.

Dead parents hero and wizzrd boy.

Stalker Halloween costume.

Minecraft costume.

Captain America costume.

Video game guy Halloween costume.

Lego man Halloween costume.

Sonic Halloween costume.

Mischevious worker and misfit sidekick.

Cyber man or padre costume.

Alter ego Halloween costume.

Stranger Things Halloween costume.

Juice demon costume.

Pete the plumber costume.

9 thoughts on “Worst Halloween Costume Knock-Offs Ever”

  1. Now Royalty Free!

  2. nice……

  3. Hermany is an „Obvious Plant“

  4. Dead parents hero😂😂😂

  5. Where is the fake president costume with blonde wig, orange makeup and tiny hands?

  6. Look in the mirror.

  7. Vader would be mighty pissed if someone described any part of his outfit as a “onesie”.

  8. … Is Brave Warrior America’s hand on backwards??

  9. Blue speed mouse, where’s stripey guy, some pretty good ones.

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