Hilarious Dog Bios That Will Remind You of Somebody You Know



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  1. Hm, sorry. Don’t know them. Such freakshow only exists in the US.

  2. Haha Kauf Buch is hilarious. He reminds me of grumpy in Snow White where he accuses Snow White of “womanly wiles” and Bashful says “what are Womanly Wiles?” And Grumpy says “I don’t know….but I’m against them!” (I’m agin em)

  3. Madul Ab-longgotta the 2nd October 2, 2017

    I am taking the knee, putting dread locks on a dog is racist.

  4. Betty=Rattus. Except she’s more like 55.

  5. Sheryl honey, everybody hates rap. And it’s hip hop now.

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