Aquarium Each Month Picks The Naughtiest Penguin, And The “Crimes” Are Hilarious


Employees of National Aquarium of New Zealand got so sick and tired of penguins acting out that they decided to publicly shame them. The result is pure comedy gold.


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  1. POTUS (Penguin of the United States) July 30, 2018

    These are all fake allegations. So sad.

  2. If a penguin-lover erupts from this, it will be a sad day.

    Why not just stick to the internets most famous and loved animal? I grew tired of looking at these pictures after the first one and only pure spite made me look through all of them.

    Penguins are boring and they always look so formal and snobby. But they got one thing going for them : Penguins are not dogs.

    Cats > Penguins > Penguins feces > Dogs

  3. iheartpenguins July 31, 2018

    I think this is really cute. I love penguins.

  4. Mo is such a douche

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