Funny / Witty Illustrations by Hon Lam Chow




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  1. They are terrible.

  2. not funny, not witty.

  3. Terribly funny and witty. Like them.

  4. A white guy winning on sprinting? Such a fantasy.

  5. Im going to fail my exams soon

  6. some of these are actually pretty good

  7. National animals of Australia are actually the Kangaroo AND emu. Kangaroo is just more iconic.

  8. Xi Jinping May 2, 2015

    These are politically acceptable, you and your family may live.
    With love,
    The Party.

    • The Truth in the World May 2, 2015

      Only muslims kill people for drawings. Not even the Communist Party of China does that. That North Korean guy maybe. But I think he would rather put such people plus family in labour camps.

  9. the alarm clock is the best !!!

  10. @truth in the world June 7, 2015


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