NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit In a Bag, Dog Owners Did Not Disappoint


The rules are very clear when it comes to carrying animals on the NYC subway: “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.” But the rules don’t say anything about the size of the animal, and as you can see from these pictures, some people got really creative in order to avoid paying a fine.

Funny dog in a bag.
Photo by Arlo

Dog in a bag.

How to carry a dog in the subway.

Dog traveling in a bag.

Happy dog in a bag.

NYC subway dogs.

Funny dog in a cozy bag.

Dog and owner traveling together.

Dog traveling in the NYC subway.

Funny dog in bag.

NYC dog and his owner.

How to properly carry a dog in the NYC subway.

Dog traveling in the bag.

Happy dog in a bag.

Cute dog in a bag.

Funny way to travel with a dog.

Huge dog in a bag.

Dogs and their owners in NYC subway.

Clever way to carry a dog in the bag.


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  1. Rick Shaddock September 11, 2019

    Doggy bag :)

  2. Can’t say New Yorkers aren’t creative.

  3. A great idea. Why should anyone NOT want to take their Dog with them subway or not, Whoever thought this one up, deserves A MEDAL..

    • Agree!!

    • A medal for stupidity.., what’s wrong with dogs standing on their paws!!?? Nonsense from a ****ed up city..

    • given the incidents of harrasments, rape, indecent exposure, robbery and battery on the NY subways (yes, I worked ther for 10 years so I know what I’m talking about) you would be crazy not to take your dog for protection if you had one.

  4. Hurray for ingenuity and love of dogs. We all get it.A shame the new rule maker did not. People travel with their dogs. Whom they love.

    • At least hotels are getting smart. People have no problem paying a little extra if they can bring their dog to a hotel with them.

    • “People travel with their dogs,” and the hell with all the thousands of people who have to be on a crowded platform with someone else’s “their” dogs whether they want to be or not? Yeah, it’s selfish, moronic attitudes like this that cause the subway to prohibit dogs, since apparently common sense and simple courtesy are not sufficient for some entitled dog owners.

    • Seems like some people love to spew their nonsense and then make sure they are Anonymous, points to the comment below.

    • To Anonymous: replace “dogs” with “kids” in your text – would you still write it that way? And there about as many people being annoyed by kids as there are people annoyed by dogs. Our dogs ARE our kids!

    • I’m not going to be anonymous but I do understand where Anonymous comes from. What if you were attacked by a dog (like me), or are allergic to dogs (a lot of people) or are from countries where owning a dog and having it a part of your life means something completely different than to those in Western societies? There are a lot of people who are living a different context of what it means to have a dog, and they shouldn’t be judged on that.

      Personally, I am still a bit scared of large dogs but luckily, dogs are pretty patient. I also owned a dog (JRT) that loved going on adventures. I love the ingenuity of these people for getting their dogs around and honestly, if the dog has a stable temperament, isn’t causing any issues for other riders, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

    • 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  5. Nothing more than a new interpretation of those “purse puppies.”

  6. Those IKEA bags sure come in handy! lol

  7. Go New York!!

    • New Yorkers luv their dogs, and are quite innovative! Thumbs up !

    • This is truly hilarious. They did not break any rule they should’ve specified what they meant.

  8. So darn cute and such a creativeness!

  9. Leave it to us, My New Yorkers are really funny people indeed. Hahahaha

  10. Really…..Leave our babies alone they can go where ever they want.

  11. IKEA should officially make a doggy bag!

  12. Is this a fake ad?

  13. Best post ever!

  14. We need a more comfortable doggy bag. Lol

  15. God bless our precious fur babies!!
    Shame on the persons that adopted that terrible rule!!

  16. They’ll need to make them in sizes…

    • What I see are lots of very well behaved dogs. Not sure why they needed to he in bags in the first place.

  17. King Charles made a ruling that a King Charles dog has the right to enter any building
    Shame that wasn’t for all dogs x

  18. Amazing! Too cute!

  19. Love this!! So sweet and so many clever dog lovers!!

  20. What a great way to encourage people to get rid of their pets! Fill all the kill shelters…. Just awful. Why not designate a special dog area and allow any size dog.

  21. IKEA’s great bag the official NYC subway dog carrier!!!

  22. How about you keep your dog home.

    Then owners cry when dog gets loose runs on tracks then split in half by the subway. There are multiple reasons why dog’s other then service or therapy dogs should not be in the subway. But hey bring the dog in the bag play russian roulette

    • Cc – has that actually ever happened. Most of these dogs seem pretty doggone content in their bags. I think you should stay home, and free up space for another dog.

    • I would rather be in a subway with 100 dogs in with 100 kids

    • Really get a life

    • Bronx Chick 238th st September 13, 2019

      These dogs clearly don’t look like’d be running anywhere if they are willing to sit in a bag, especially the big ones. Give me a dog rather than a nasty ass human with a chip on their shoulder anyday and I’ll glady ride the 2 train from 241st St to New Lots Ave!

    • Only in New York, Love it!!!!!

    • Exactly right

    • You say it as if everyone has that option lol

      Circumstances, bro. Life ain’t always that easy.

    • Why not leave your child at home?? Same difference dogs are most peoples baby and to discriminate against them is just wrong. Not everyone has a animal that doesn’t obey but I bet almost every animal lover/owner keeps their baby protected at all times!!

    • Really, don’t be ridiculous ! Our dogs should be allowed to travel. I’ve brought both dogs I love on and they are trained. My other dog lived to be 23 and loved to go on the subway and train. His first train ride a group of 10 kids came up to him ( he loved kids) and proceeded to ask if they could pet and feed him , you’ve never seen such a happy dog! An assortment of hotdogs, pretzels and sugar cookies were offered and many pats !!
      It was great for him and the kids loved it!

    • Hey Cc- isn’t riding the subway in itself playing Russian Roulette? Geeez there are a number of PEOPLE who ought to be in a bag! A BODY bag! 😎

  23. Great posts. LOVE IT ❤

  24. Why do these people need to bring their dogs with them everywhere they go? Unless they are service animals, they should just be left at home. These look so uncomfortable for these poor dogs.

    • Probably because they need to get somewhere and don’t have a car? And their dog needs to come too?

    • I would rather have dogs on the subway than kids

    • This is the city… people don’t have cars… we need to bring the dogs everywhere you do…. the vet, to visit friends, to parks or other safe open space to hike and play that is too far to drive ..

    • What a boring life for an animal to be left at home all the time. My dog/cats are a part of the family and where I go they go.

    • The same reason why you don’t leave your toddlers at home, by themselves. Duh. The mentality of a dog is the same as a three year old. Are you willing to leave your three year old at home by themselves? If so, then you need to go get your head checked and don’t reproduce. Just saying….

    • Service human September 16, 2019

      Some dogs are special needs dogs and require service humans at all times. Or else they will bark, which dog haters use as an excuse to be people haters.

  25. Only in NY! Go doggie NY! Love it!

  26. Wow! It shows DOG LOVERS are innovative & creative in many ways just to take their “FRIEND” with them!!

  27. Missy, dog lover September 13, 2019

    People that don’t have the best friend you’ll ever have understand.
    Hoorah for New Yorkers

  28. They hear and obey… obvious inventive ways. good for them.

  29. NOBODY puts NYC train travellers in the corner

  30. How about donkeys? Can I bring my pet donkey?

  31. Bernard h campbell September 13, 2019

    Fie is good for them wow

  32. My dog is a service dog. He is trained. He is well mannered. He is working. Yes, he is my pet, My best friend, my protector. I have been training him since he was 16 weeks for this job. He knows the difference. Bring on VEST and working. Being on the leash but off the vest. At home being a puppy. I struggle with people and their untrained dogs. My dog is expensive. He is in perfect health. I do the work. I expect the curtsey that the law provides for. My Moe goes where I go. He is afforded that RIGHT by federal law ADA (americians with disabilities act). NYC transportation is fighting a problem. I get it. I however also understand having your dog with you. Make a rule that is unpopular and you will see people find ways around it. What was the problem they are trying to resolve?

    • Problem had to do with the increasing amount of dogs urinating and defecating on the train cars, platforms and other areas, the increasing amount of incidents of dog bites, dogs taking up space on crowded trains that were designed for commuters not animal transportation.

  33. Every place is better with doggies in it. Can’t we put the humans in bags instead. :) Thank you New York Dog owners for being you.

  34. New York dog owners certainly have a sense of humor! – Jack and Benjy ( London Schnauzers)

  35. I want to know how the guy dressed in black got the 50-pound plus, beige labradoodle into his backpack. He and the dog look very comfortable.

  36. Love this! And for more evidence of how much New Yorkers love their dogs, check out Bruno on Netflix. (No, I don’t work for Netflix. Yes, I got sucked into watching the show.)

  37. OK, I agree it’s funny. But remember that some riders are allergic to dogs or scared by them. Could there be some animal-free subway cars?

    • There is no one that allergic to a dog they can’t sit for 5 mins ,you cango into another car pretty quickly. But if you’re that scared of dogs it’s prob not safe for you anywhere and it’s very silly. NYC Dogs love humans.The majority of them live happy well travelled lives. Dogs have to be trained to be in the bag . They love to be with their humans. Having a dog love you is the best. I feel sorry for people who don’t know the joy.

  38. You know some people are afraid of thugs, muggers, thieves and scum bags! Let’s make a special train for them!!

  39. We dog owners will always find a way.

  40. 👍👍👍👍😂

  41. better they could think how to solve dirty and smelling people problem.

  42. I’ll take dogs over bratty kids any day.

  43. You got to love owners obviously these people are smarter than the train administrators keep up the good work dog owners love it love it love it

  44. Vivlcki welch September 16, 2019

    Ikea you are providing a great product for us, thank you so much. Gotta love ikea

  45. Love the creativity. That should tell the rule makers something.

  46. New York Stand up for Reppin your Dog!!! part of your family and a member of it. God bless yall to go the extra step and make sure they fit and are comfortable in the enclosed baggage. I see amazing photos and love all around. Keep it up NYC!!! much love from the 401 Providence Rhode Island and a Dog Lover aka my little family member. I would jump threw hoops of fire for my pooch and i know yall would too. :)

  47. So glad that dog owners figured out how to get around another stupid rule!!

  48. just shows how stupid “authority” gets, next thing your children will need to wear straight jackets

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