Did You Know That Anna Kendrick Is One Of The Funniest Celebrities On Twitter?


When it comes to social media and celebrities, the majority of them use their platform to make themselves look better than they really are. There are those few gems, however, that use it to crack awesome jokes. Like, for example, Anna Kendrick.


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  1. I’d go to a Ryan Gosling movie with her and take care of all her needs.

  2. Yodasmate July 3, 2018

    She’s not that funny.

    • The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut July 4, 2018

      Please define “that funny”.

  3. Mr. Truffles July 3, 2018

    She’s spoiled and entitled.

  4. Seriously, who is Anna Kendrick? The title says she is a celebrity but I never heard of her.

  5. No one’s killed this idiot bitch yet?


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