You Had to Look Like This, If You Wanted to Be Cool In The 90s

13 thoughts on “You Had to Look Like This, If You Wanted to Be Cool In The 90s”

  1. Is that tiny-headed guy Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock?

  2. He is indeed.

  3. Good thing I never tried to be cool by looking that way. Looks like I was right all the time. Fools.
    Woohoo, that’s a lot of words with double-o.

  4. 90’s? Much of that stuff is from the 80’s:
    Brad Pitt (picture from ’87)
    Modern Talking
    Saved by the Bell
    Vanilla Ice

  5. The Rock’s fanny pack is so manly!
    More seriously, why nobody seem to have a brown leather jacket and jeans? Was I just a misfit during 90’s?

  6. the dude with the green fringe, yeah I know that guy in person, that was taken about 7-8 years ago xD

  7. And eve more, did you recognize Justin Timerblake?

  8. love how Lark Vorhees aka Lisa turtle is giving the finger!!!

  9. There was never anything cool about wearing a turtleneck with a necklace over it. Ever.

  10. Me and Joe Bob wore Overalls back in them days, but they was covered with barn yard stuff ’cause we worked out of doors. When we wanted to look cool We put on fancy Carhart brand clothes and washed out the bed of the truck so it didn’t smell too bad. Good old days, good old days.

  11. A few of those are definitely 80’s fashion. And I totally rocked it!

  12. the pit bull is a classic, though.


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