Cats Wearing Beautiful Fruit Hats

9 thoughts on “Cats Wearing Beautiful Fruit Hats”

  1. Must… kill… all… humans… meow!

  2. To be honest, those cats are probably being victimised because they always look miserable whenever being forced to do something like that, or indeed anything at all. If they just looked a little happier or as if the constant humiliation didn’t have an effect then the internet would just get bored and move on…
    Sincerely, that schoolteacher who didn’t act when you told him your son was being picked on.

  3. Stop being so uptight please. There are starving children AND animals in Haiti.. At least they have a home…

  4. Limecat is not amused! After defeating Clockspider for the mastery of the universe, he will not be mocked! Those who wear their imitations of the Mystic Rinds will pay!

  5. I wish cat pictures would go away.

  6. Shut up, you pratt.

  7. No fruit was harmed in this commercial.
    But it has turned into a delicious refreshing feline salad.

  8. So tired of cats everywhere…

  9. No like kitty looks humiliated

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