The Official Friendzone Logo Has Finally Come

10 thoughts on “The Official Friendzone Logo Has Finally Come”

  1. The right one is Dat, the left one is Rattus

  2. Still a more attractive pair than you and your hand.

  3. In the left hand of the logo, the nail is on the wrong side of the thumb.

  4. Maybe it was copied from a guy down the holler what fishes at the coolin’ pond for the nukeular electric plant. Some of them little fishes is a little strange.

  5. Pathetic!

  6. No Prince, I think the left one is how long Dat’s is, and the right one how long Rattus’ is….

  7. True. Measured from the Earth’s core.

  8. Very funny, Dat.
    EVERYONE KNOWS Leftists don’t believe in science, only iron-fisted political ideology.
    That’s why they refuse to accept ONLY
    XX and XY, and instead
    *claim* 50 flavors of genders.
    Leftists are mentally ill.

  9. Just a quick medical fact for you kauf, there are also xxy, xxxy xxxxy, and plenty of others who have female chromosomes and male genitalia (and vice versa) also intersex folks with no clear “gender”. Guess some science is just beyond your grasp

  10. Friendzoned level 9999

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