I Met a French Guy Today…



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  1. IsItJustMe? August 5, 2014

    People from Schleswig-Holstein usually speak German…

  2. So did you fight at Utah or at Omaha beach?

    • Snozzlebert Chesterfield August 5, 2014

      Neither, I parachuted in behind enemy lines the night before.

  3. Because Americans also won the not-a-war Vietnam war, the war America never officially declared against the North Koreans which also technically hasn’t ended yet, the not-a-war Iraq war, the not-a-war Afghanistan war, the other not-a-war Iraq war.
    I guess you could bring up one of the 5 wars the US actually declared but that’s long enough ago you could also bring up the French conquering much of Europe too.
    So Vietnam became independent and strong by firstly repelling the invading forces (including the US) and also becoming much less oppressive and corrupt in their communism (oops they still communist!), The North Korean war is currently is a cease-fire, Iraq has imploded and likely won’t exist as a country for much longer, if it hasn’t already collapsed, Afghanistan is still a Taliban stronghold and also produces more opium than before.
    Being less belligerent though, the US army is well equipped but with an unmotivated force. I mean it’s hard to feel you are fighting the good fight when there is the nagging suspicion that you are there because A) oil or B) gun companies lobbied for war to make money regardless of what the war meant. Like if the US went to liberate the North Koreans or the Palestinians I am sure the soldiers would feel they are doing something that would make the world better, and thus those wars would probably actually end and result in something that lasts.

    • You forgot to mention it was the French who started the Vietnam War.

    • True dat. That’s why Americans love WWII. That’s the last war they’ve won fair and square.

    • what are you stupid?
      People join armies, because they want to upkeep their standard of living. If a society provides all they want + an exciting miltary job, why not fight for it?
      Why do you think everyone is a hippy altruist good-doers, and would readily throw their lives and fortune away just to “free someone from a country they don’t care”?
      Let’s be honest – the world and the whole nature hold of self interest, self-preservance etc.
      Be honest and say you’d readily throw yourself against someone, just for the idea of freeing them from the bady dictator.
      You wouldn’t. Also that is why you are here and not organising massive anti-NK meetings and secret paramilitary groups.
      Because you are not interested.

    • Free and Fake American August 7, 2014

      Americans join the Army for education they could not affort to in their real life.

    • Russia won WWII

    • @Free and Fake American August 8, 2014

      Wow, that’s kind of sad. I didn’t know US was so poor it couldn’t afford widespread education for free. I mean, one would think it should be in country’s best interest to have as educated workforce as possible.
      Damn, now I know where the “dumb american” stereotype came from.

  4. Charles the Gaudy August 5, 2014

    Funny. If not the French helping us during the Revolutionary War we might still be a colony of England. Thanks to the French we don’t speak English in ‘Murica. Wait…what?! That didn’t turn out right.

    • Long Gone Germany August 6, 2014

      We gave you the opportunity to change that, but you had to land in france… you had to start that invasion.

  5. French guy August 5, 2014

    I’ve met a guy from Louisiana today and asked him:
    “Do you speak english?”
    “Yes” he replied.
    “You’re welcome” I said.

  6. Hannibal Lector August 5, 2014

    I love the French! They taste just like chicken.

  7. Troubleman August 5, 2014

    In real life this would have gone like this:
    I met a french guy today and asked him
    “Do you speak german?”
    “Je suis désolé, je ne comprends pas”, He replied.

  8. Fake, French people don’t speak english either.

  9. irrelevantguy August 6, 2014

    I met an American guy today and asked him:
    – “Do you speak Arabic?”
    – “No” he replied.
    – “Then what the hell you are doing in the Middle East you oil-sucking *******” I said.

  10. deathToRussianFascists August 6, 2014

    what does a little american bitch has to do with WW2?
    oh, do you love Statue of liberty? Do you think it represents all american?
    You’re welcome.
    oh, wait, i had nothing do do with this statue.
    and you had nothing to do with ww2.

  11. Sarah Palin August 7, 2014

    I hate French people and I do not even know why!!!

  12. Must be american. Who else is so ignorant that he and are a few others speaks only one language!

  13. I am sick of right-wing propaganda. This is not funny. Try again eat liver.

  14. Castillion August 8, 2014

    WW2? Wasn’t that last century?

  15. I met an American today and askes him…
    “Do you have a king?”
    “No” he replied.
    “You’re welcome” I said.
    Vive la France! ;-)

  16. I met an american guy today and asked him…
    “Are you english?”
    “No” he replied.
    “You’re welcome, inculte!” I said.

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