Free Financial Advice

If you put your head in an alligator’s mouth, you will never have to pay taxes again.

16 thoughts on “Free Financial Advice”

  1. If you put your head in an alligator’s mouth it will be counted as another WuFlu fatality.

  2. No, far-right stupidity fatality. Freedom death.

  3. Only if it kills you.

  4. 80% of omicron cases are in fully vaccinated people. Dr. Deaths advise.. get boosted. Why!? It doesn’t work why keep taking it. More Covid deaths under Biden then under Trump and Biden had the vaccine. Let’s go Brandon!

  5. What is the difference between a tick and the IRS? A tick falls off you after you die.

  6. You should definitely put your head in an alligator’s mouth. I am sure you will find the truth there.
    The other truth, i.e reality is obiously too complex for you.

  7. and please don’t call an ambulance when your blood oxigen drops.
    they are fed up with people like you.

  8. The few current patients with omicron are (or have been in contact with) persons that travelled abroad.

  9. Crikey!

  10. Deaths from Covid and deaths with Covid. That’s how they get ya

  11. Because it’s unamerican to get omicron?

  12. Your family will be taxed heavily though as you had the audacity to die before capitalism fully squeezed all value out of you

  13. Why are all the athletes having heart problems… hmmm 🤔

    You know.. you just won’t say because the stuff is already in you. Good luck with that.

  14. Because athletes often get heart problems. Extensive sports can weaken your immune system. It’s stress for your body if it’s too much. Athletes often protract infections. This can damage the heart. The common cold can result in an unnoticed pneumonia which can end up in a serious heart muscle infection. This can result in heart failure. I knew a young woman who died because of this in her sleep…

  15. Freedom suffering after freedom death.

  16. The risk of getting a heart inflamation from vaccination, which most people don’t even notice and usualy heals out completely, is significant lower than the risk of getting permanent heart or multiple organ damage by covid-19.

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