Prison: Liberal Paradise

Everyone is treated equally, free food, free healthcare, only the police and guards have guns.

20 thoughts on “Prison: Liberal Paradise”

  1. Where’s the white meat at?

  2. Actually that it what corporate conservatives have planned for the rest of us

  3. It’s funny because it’s true.

  4. Wow, even the people look alike. It really is the dream of the “diverse” left.

  5. Poor Americans even have to rob banks to get in prison for affordadble health care and cancer treatment. And most inmates are minorities. The US seems to be a shit-hole.

  6. Then quit coming here. The national parks, especially in the west, are full of foreign tourists. Hell, half the people trying to get a permit to go visit the Coyote Buttes are German. Awesome place to go see btw.

  7. only the naive and uninformed would believe in this theory

  8. If you expect the government to provide *everything* for you in the U.S., then you’re best option just might be prison.

    Otherwise, get a job (relatively easy here, Comrade), or just stay in EUro.

  9. @Haha So, it’s somehow hypocritical for a tourist to travel to admire the natural beauty of a shithole country?

  10. Socialism as we know it…

  11. Just let enter more “refugees” from outside from he EU and West Europe will have a pretty similar situation soon.

  12. EuroTrash: If the US is such a “shit-hole”, then why are there millions of people on lists to immigrate here legally, and millions of people HAVE come here illegally? That odd taste in your mouth, by the way, is called “crow”.

  13. Rather vivid pictures for a theory…..

  14. @EasternEuropean We all know you prefer to be stabbed by the russian mafia.

  15. Lot’s of them here.

  16. USA are just the opposite of the USSR. Both are/were prisons.

  17. The reason people wish to immigrate to the US specifically is that they believe what they’re seeing in movies, television, and magazines. Unfortunately the reality is vastly disappointing. You can sort of think of the US as being the New Year’s Eve of countries.

  18. @Rattus: Then why are there so many illegal immigrants still in the US? If the US is “vastly disappointing”, why are they not flocking back to their home countries? I have personally known a handful of people who have immigrated to the US from Europe, and they are quite aware that what they have here is far superior to what they left. Two are teachers from Sweden, four are a family from Switzerland, and one was a high level physics researcher from Italy that was known throughout the physics world, and they all chose to remain here. I shared an apartment with a man whose father was a top level consular with the Chilean government and grew up in Santiago; he, his brothers, and his sister all made the choice to live in the US. You quite obviously have not a clue about the subject.

  19. This is what normies dream for all their imaginary enemies. Especially the white men who refused their love because surpise surpise are not gay, married with women, have children, work, do not smoke marijuana and know how to use soap.

  20. Conservative paradise: no regulations, everyone has guns, the government has no power, everyone has “freedom” to do whatever the hell they want… no matter how much it hurts others. In other words… SYRIA. A lawless place where everyone shoots each other for shits and giggles.

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