He’s In Four States At Once

8 thoughts on “He’s In Four States At Once”

  1. Five or six, if you count solid and liquid.

  2. Joe Bob points out that the fifth state is being a news reader. He don’t know about none of the rest.

  3. Meh…Standing at the border of 3 states ain’t something to brag about when folks have been doing the same thing at the Four Corners monument. That’s where 4 states (Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico) meets.

  4. Meh…Standing at the border of 4 states based on political decisions ain’t something to brag about when folks have been standing in far more beautiful places. Look up the North Coyote Buttes in Utah and Arizona. Ranks with Machu Picchu as coolest places I’ve been.

  5. I thought being in Kansas was being in a state of crippling depression, amiright?

  6. I’m in the state of Misery, or is that the same as Missouri?

  7. I thought it was Saskatchewan, but yeah, uisrite.

  8. Me an Joe Bob was jest lookin’ at this again and we don’t appreciate the dude standing wiff his heel on the throat of Arkansas. Show a little respect for good fishing and home brew.

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