Hilarious Posts About Being Single

3 thoughts on “Hilarious Posts About Being Single”

  1. This was genuinely funny.

  2. “My new girlfriend is a coconut taped to a mop.”
    She’s a keeper – marry her!

  3. That health inspector probably doesn’t get many second dates. I dated a guy like that. Every time he would point out something wrong in a restaurant, I would bring up something I’ve eaten, or done, that would disgust him.
    “I think this buffet leaves their food out a bit too long.”
    “I once ate an expired granola bar I found under the couch.” (It was still in its wrapper).
    “Omg! I just saw a moth in the dining area.”
    “I ate moths on a survival camping trip. They have a nice crunch, if you roast them on a fire.”
    “The hostess did not clean the coffee pitcher before she refilled it.”
    “I once shared a single cup of coffee with a stranger in a locked-down airport.”
    “I’m not sure this meat is actually USDA approved.”
    “I bought some elk jerky from a lady in a motor home while traveling in Alaska.”
    If the food is good, and the restaurant is clean, let it go. Or, maybe, just don’t eat out if you are that picky.

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