Funny Tweets That Every Woman Will Relate To

9 thoughts on “Funny Tweets That Every Woman Will Relate To”

  1. Who would have thought that women have a sense of humour?

  2. The thing is, we have a more elevated sense of humour that lower-grade males don’t really understand. The higher quality males do get it, though. I love those guys.
    p.s: Thanks EatLiver – these were hilarious.

  3. most unfunny eatliver post by a mile

  4. SD = lower-grade male

  5. @Rattus- We think pretty highly of ourselves, don’t we? Maybe these “lower grade males” aren’t laughing because they don’t get it, but because it isn’t funny to them. What elitist bull****. Elevated sense of humor my ***.

  6. Yeah, I’m not going to snipe back at the commenting misogynists. I should go snivel in a corner. ****** MRAs.

  7. Awww… another triggered little boy. Go to your safe space at and cry them a river.

  8. Q. Do you know Women Don’t Have a Sense of Humor?
    A. No, but if you’ll sing a few bars, I’ll try to hum along.

  9. Mom be hardcore. Don’t be messin.

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