One of The World’s Best Actors and Jason Statham



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  1. Neymar and Robben are equally good actors!

    • The Lone Wonderer July 3, 2018

      Oh for forks sake… what is up with that Neymar thing? I’ve seen it come by on Dumpert as well, but I refuse to click anything regarding soccer.

  2. For the sane people it is Football not “Soccer”

    • +1

    • The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut July 4, 2018

      You just achieved a major breakthrough in the field of psychologie: “For diagnosis of mental disorder please let your patient spell the name of the game in which 11 players kick a ball into a square net.”

    • ****.

  3. Salzigtal July 4, 2018

    Add /football-vs-handegg/ to

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