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  1. James T. Hodgkinson: July 31, 2019

    Bernie is my g-d baby.

  2. Atheist Freedom Fighter July 31, 2019

    Read the bible and compare the kill counter between god and the devil. Devil killed only around 5 people. God killed billions.

    • Sir O of Kay August 1, 2019

      Five? Waddaya talking about? In Jobs alone, the Devil killed off Jobs’ wife and kids, all his servants, destroyed his house, laid waste to his live stocks. But only because God allowed it, so that he could win a bet against the Devil.

    • So, god is responsible. As he is the almighty the devil had no other choice but to do his will like a puppet. In the end god can only win. Always. God murdered those people by his own assassin.
      And killing live stock and wrecking a house is not murder…

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter August 1, 2019

      Still not billions.

    • The great flood alone killed basicly all of Jehova’s humans. Plus those made by other gods.
      The devil will have a hard time matching up that killing spree.

  3. Satan is a conspiracy theory that God invented.

  4. “None of my followers are out there shootin’ people.”

    Actually the shooters ARE your followers.

    • Exactly. This page is consistently so low brow it’s embarrassing.

    • Easy way not blaming your murderous religion.
      But if you shoot someone in God’s name you are not the devil’s follower.
      And don’t forget that the god of the jews, christians and muslims is the same guy. There are whole armies killing in his name.
      There is no satanic army in this world…
      If you follow this abrahamitic weather god you must understand you follow a sadistic, jealous, mass murdering, narcistic psychopath who bullied his way up the pantheon.

    • »a sadistic, jealous, mass murdering, narcistic psychopath who bullied his way up the pantheon«
      Sounds like Trump.

    • No wonder religious nuts love him.

    • And both pray murder.

    • God did not create religion or the damage it sometimes causes. Humans did, not Him.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter August 6, 2019

      Humans created both god and religion.

  5. EatLiverSucksSatanB August 6, 2019

    This didn’t age well. Dayton shooter was a confessed Satanic worshiper and Warren supporter to boot. Step up your game

  6. How many Satan worshippers are there? Few, and they kill cats.

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