Another Parking Vigilante Victim?



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  1. Evil Genius April 22, 2016


  2. Mr. Terminator April 22, 2016

    Was the car parked in wrong place?
    Why the vigilant was called?

  3. I don’t get it.

    • It appears that every seam on the car was sealed shut using sealant caulk, making it impossible to gain entry to the car.

  4. Good for them! The Russians get quite pissed that courtyards between buildings (where people walk and kids play), are used as impromptu parking lots (which technically is not supposed to happen). Car culture is a lot different over there.

  5. Gerd Müller April 23, 2016

    Idiotic. Hopefully whoever did it, also gets the bill for cleaning up the car. Hardened PU foam is nasty when it comes to clean up.

    • I tend to agree. In the end it’s anarchy and must be punished. If someone parked his car wrong you can always inform the authorities.

    • Difficult situation. The cost of fixing that care is going to be a lot more than the cost of it parking there. If the police can’t be counted on to solve the problem though, then what can you do. Assuming this is an illegal park. Lucky to live in Australia where police do their job but also held accountable when they don’t.

  6. did Ron Jeremy do this?

  7. opherfuxake April 27, 2016

    That’s what you get for driving a… WTF, “Opel Corsa?”

  8. That is going to hurt…

  9. Don’t get it: surrounded by unmolested cars, parked in apparently identical fashion. Unless the spaces are “assigned” and the interloper is a repeat offender, fail to see this is anything other than a revenge gluing…

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