Prince William. It’s All About Point of View.

16 thoughts on “Prince William. It’s All About Point of View.”

  1. And the point of view that it’s not a British gesture, so only a yank would think he was being rude.

  2. British people have small feet and smell weird.

  3. Where in the picture is it clear that he is somewhere in the UK and not actually visiting the Americas? And for what it’s worth, I saw an English actor flipping someone the bird in an English show (maybe Man Down?) recently, so it seems to be catching on over there.

  4. Who cares what the limey “royal” family does or thinks? But do let me know when they start speaking Arabic at their pressers, ’cause that’s never going to get old.

  5. aint he rich? why aint he getting no hair transplants????

  6. Because it’s Americans who can’t live with their hairloss. Not every society is so superficial and fake like the US.

  7. Digitus impudicus. Rattus, this gesture is used in Europe since the ancient Greeks and Romans. And who knows for how long in other parts of the world.

  8. The point of view is the paparazzi he just noticed snapping away with his camera.

  9. So he put up two more fingers for the second picture? Okay.

  10. We have a butthurt with the USA here D:

  11. Darwin loves bitcoins

    Oops, wrong social media…

  12. What you are trying to say is “in the USA”. Even butts are filled with silicone. XD

  13. 1. Picture: Russian propaganda, RT, Breitbart, Fox
    2. Picture: reality

  14. Euro: If you want superficial and fake, look no further than your own continent….

  15. man you got to love that burrrr ak and dont

  16. boy I got one

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