Hate Your Neighbour? Try This.


My neighbour thinks a dog has been shitting in his yard...


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  1. Fun fact: this is almost exactly what the unibomber did.

  2. So you equip these and then go trespassing in your neighbours garden. Pull your pants down and shit in their lawn?

    Well, as long as a dog takes the blame. Cats so stylish. Dogs so stupid.

    Cats > Dogs.

  3. Those stupid, noisy, out of control dogs are the reason I hate my neighbor.

    • Doubt guy May 12, 2018

      Maybe, just maybe, your neighbor doesn’t have dog at all.

    • You sound like another oblivious dog owner. But maybe I should start crapping in his yard just for fun….

  4. Salzigtal May 12, 2018

    Still just as funny as when you showed it on July 7, 2011.

  5. Don’t leave any TP behind at the scene of the Cleveland Steamer.

  6. … but it was Kauf Buch.

  7. Anyone actually done this?

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