Flags on the Moon

17 thoughts on “Flags on the Moon”

  1. Vietcongs LOL’d

  2. This joke was dead 10 years ago… Plus: US army surrendered much often than anybody else. It’s just that you call it “mission accomplished”. Remember Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia? Funny, yes?

  3. Photoshop is almost a quarter of a century old. Stop using scissors, glue and paper…

  4. Flags on the moon were made of weaved aluminum fibers, not fabric or plastics..
    right now they look silvery, not white.

  5. Use some deodorant!

  6. Are you as inane as your comment? tsk

  7. funny, last time we went to the moon was 1972. how do they know that the flag is completely white if we haven’t been there since? speculation? fact? no satellites can scan to that level much less the Hubble Telescope…

  8. If we return to the moon (which would be a big waste of money IMO), you’d think we’d put flags up that could retain their colors.

  9. What Country are you from? Either the US kicked your A$$ or we came to kick some invading country out of your country so you could make such a stupid statement. If neither of the above applies, then you come from a country nobody gives a crap about.

  10. Physics and chemistry. It’s so easy.

  11. Vietnam war was started by the French; they surrendered first. LBJ paid back political contributions from Brown & Root by invading and giving them lucrative contracts. Johnson made millions in kickbacks. Bay of Tonkin was a lie.

  12. Not sure how the US could surrender when they are so shy about actually declaring war when they go to war. Last war US officially declared was WWII.

  13. Americans should stop buying shit made in China and the colors would stay on.

  14. So you won the war in Vietnam? Oh, ok… And Somalia and Iraq? Hahahahha!!! Can’t wait for ISIS to kick your puny ass!!
    Plus: good comments and comebacks!!

  15. The French have a military history much (MUCH) more impressive than USA’s. They surrendered in WW2 because it was clearly the correct decision. Even today they have an impressive army, and top – notch elite units. The US Army could do a lot worse than trying to emulate the French.
    History. It works.

  16. Damn son your probably the reason why god created the midd|e finger
    not even american but this piece of feces does need some deodorant to cover up his $hitty ideas.@Billy Bong Thornton i agree

  17. yeah no we this is just a joke you don’t need to ruin the fun @adobe seriously do us all a big favor and shut the f#*k up its for humanity nu uh just do it .

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